About Us

Diverse Perspectives - Shared Objectives

Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem by advancing legislation and clarifying globally recognized billing standards. As a natural expression of this mission, we established estimating guidelines that help Xactimate users generate accurate estimates that are approved without hesitation.

Our leadership is comprised of adjusters, speciality contractors, insurance defense attorneys and Xactimate trainers. We all care deeply about this industry and we regard Actionable Insights as a vehicle by which we can give back to an industry that has been so good to us. There is a groundswell movement emerging, comprised of individuals (on both sides of the claim) that are keen to explore better ways to settle claims. With industry-wide participation, we can transcend the “we-they" dichotomy that often emerges between adjusters and contractors. Doesn’t that sound refreshing! Collectively, we can further the adoption of new line items, advance beneficial legislation, reduce cycle times, champion a spirit of fairly settled claims, make reasonable profits and have some fun in the process.

***The ultimate beneficiary is the policyholder, who is our common client and whose interests we should be working together to serve and preserve.***