Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem by advancing legislation and clarifying globally recognized billing standards.

  • I care deeply about the restoration ecosystem
  • I intend to be a good steward of the restoration ecosystem
  • I intend to give more to the restoration ecosystem than I take away
  • I intend to strive for mastery, consistently choosing to participate in education and training events
  • I agree to be polite, be professional and have a plan to thoughtfully justify every position that I take
  • I agree to champion an environment of reasonable profits and well-managed claims
  • I am here to learn and contribute in a meaningful way, not to carelessly market or poach talent

If contractors generate sloppy, overpriced sheets, then premiums skyrocket and claims processing becomes arduous for all materially interested parties. Conversely, if carriers are unwilling to reimburse their policyholders for reasonably incurred costs, then financially sound, capable contractors who can warranty their work will become scarce. The resulting geographical service gaps can lead to delays and secondary damage claims, both increasing costs and headaches for carriers and policyholders.