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Line Item Request

This is where we collect data in regard to what Price List additions and/or amendments our user base would like to see considered and eventually adopted by the Pricing Department.

Speaking With One Voice

We aggregate and organize your submission. This provides an opportunity to take a data-driven approach as we prioritize our conversations with Pricing Department stakeholders.


Insight Sheet Request

The Insight Sheet Database will continue to evolve & mature for decades to come. As new technology is introduced & regulatory environments evolve, we seek to contemplate these advancements.

Living Documents!

Best we can tell, we will constantly be writing, researching and publishing Insight Sheets in an attempt to provide clarity for the overarching restoration ecosystem. What should we be working on?


Advance Legislation

At Actionable Insights, we are keen to advance legislation that remains poised to preserve the interest of our user base. We focus on legislation that appeals to both Carriers and Contractors.

Win-Win Solutions!

We all understand that the mortgage companies are often function as an impediment to Policyholders receiving their reimbursements. We have some ideas about how we can resolve this...


Sponsorship Inquiry

We would not have gotten this far without our sponsors! Here you can explore event sponsorship opportunities and/or you can consider the merits of commisioning a new Insight Sheet...

Powerful Partnerships

So you dig what we are doing and your keen to gain access to our membership. We have a myriad of event sponsorship options.