This Is Where Big Things Silently Happen…

Help Us Advance Legislation That Serves And Preserves The Interest Of The Restoration Ecosystem.

Core to the mission of Actionable Insights is to advance legislation that remains poised to preserve the interest of its membership. We are especially keen to forward legislation that appeals to the interest of both the Carrier and the Contractor.

For example, we all understand that the mortgage companies are often function as an impediment to Policyholders receiving the funds required to keep their projects on schedule. Contrary to common belief, mortgage companies are not typically withholding funds nefariously, they generally see the entire process as a burden.

Actionable Insights legislative lobbying division has developed a strategy that relieves the mortgage companies of this burden, and subsequently puts funds in the hands of the Policyholder wildly quicker. We think we have cracked the code on an age old problem that has plagued this industry for decades!

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