AIMC Continuing Education 2021

What is AIMC CE?

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AIMC CE – It’s time! More than a year has passed since the original Actionable Insights Matterport Certification course was released and, in the past 12+ months, there have been significant updates to Matterport’s technology and how it can be applied in the property insurance ecosystem. This 90-minute Continuing Education course will explore all of the new concepts and strategies, and is specifically designed for the challengers and graduates of AIMC 2020. We’re going to dive right into what’s new and necessary, making sure you’re caught up on what’s changed and improved since you became AI Matterport Certified. Plus – this CE course will ensure your AIMC designation remains Active for another twelve months! An active AIMC designation ensures full access to all of your 2020 AIMC content and ZORA/Solidifai for all Premium Plan Insighters. Actionable Insights is also proud to announce AIMC CE 2021 is an IICRC Continuing Education Credit accredited course. IICRC registrants will earn 3 Continuing Education Credit hours in the Cleaning & Restoration, Master, or Inspection Certification categories for passing AI Matterport Certified Continuing Education 2021.

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I took the original AIMC course in 2020. What is different about this Continuing Education course?

This course covers all of the new Matterport features, tools, and improvements that have changed or been added in the past year. You’re not rewatching the full AIMC course – only what’s new and necessary, customized just for AIMC 2020 challengers and graduates.

I’m familiar with Matterport but never took the original AIMC course in 2020. Can I sign up for the AIMC CE course instead of the full AIMC 2021 course?

No, this course is only available to those that challenged the AIMC course in 2020. Good news though – the AIMC 2021 course is 100% new video content that covers everything in AIMC 2020 and the new AIMC CE 2021 course.

Is this course online?

Yes! All courses in the Actionable Academy are hosted online within the web browser of your choice.

How long will the AIMC CE course take me to complete?

On average, it takes most students less than 2.5 hours to complete the AIMC course and exam. The videos within the course are approximately 1.5 hours in length cumulatively.

What kind of devices can I use to take the AIMC CE course and exam?

You can use all desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The Actionable Academy has been optimized to run on the Google Chrome Web Browser, but all courses will work on any major web browser.

Can I skip modules that aren’t relevant to me?

To ensure you acquire mastery of the topic at hand, the course does not allow students to skip sections. Each module and the associated quiz must be completed before the next module is unlocked.

Do the videos have subtitles?

Yes! All courses in the Actionable Academy include subtitles.

Can I retake the AIMC CE exam if I don’t pass the first time?

We think you can knock it out your first time around but in the rare case you don’t you can retake the exam for a fee of $50.

How long does this CE course renew/extend my active AIMC designation?

Your AIMC designation will be renewed for 12 months from the date the CE exam is passed.

Who is this course recognized (accredited) by? Matterport, IICRC, etc.

This course is accredited by Matterport, the IICRC for 3 Continuing Education Credit hours to any registrant in the Cleaning & Restoration, Master, or Inspection Certification categories, and is pending CA/FL/TX CE status.

Can I access the AIMC CE video modules after I complete the CE certification exam? If so, for how long?

The video modules, quiz questions, and answers will be accessible for 1 year after the CE certification exam is completed.

What happens to my AIMC 2020 course and content? Can I still access it?

When you purchase the Continuing Education course, you will retain access to your original AIMC videos and quizzes (plus gain access to all of the new CE content). However, if your AIMC designation expires, access to AIMC-related content within the Actionable Academy does as well. If you have questions about your designation status and related access, you can check the AIMC Graduates Public Registry for your expiration date or email for more information.