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Microbial Remediation

Category: Mitigation

Principal Author(s): Mark Whatley, Seth Harrison

Key Contributor(s): David Mattioli, Dan Smith

AI Board Approval: 06/14/2017

Last Update: 04/20/2021

Tags: Microbial Remediation, Remediation

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This was a residential single story (Class 3 | Cat 1) water loss that transitioned into a Cat 3. The property owners were out of the home on holiday, and the water ran for days unencumbered. It was eventually shut off by the utility company after an observant neighbor noticed water pouring out over the front door threshold. The property had a tankless water heater installed. The bathroom sink hot water supply line suffered a catastrophic failure and the fact that it was spraying scalding hot water everywhere made the situation infinitely worse because it essentially turned the home into a sauna. After engaging the project, the restoration contractor called for an Industrial Hygienist to write a scope of work and conduct an asbestos/lead survey. The texture in the drywall came back hot for 3% chrysotile asbestos. As such, the non-salvageable drywall was abated 4′ up the perimeter floor, and the drywall above the 4′ flood cut was micro-cleaned. The R13 insulation would be removed all the way up the wall and the interior of the property would undergo an antimicrobial fogging treatment.

The affected flooring, drywall, and R13 were removed by the environmental abatement company and these activities reside beyond the scope of this Insight Sheet©.

Property Built: 1981

Room Dimensions: 12′ x 12′ x 8’

This Insight Sheet© exists to clarify how one might invoice for microbial remediation. This does not seek to include or make concessions for all equipment and/or activities as it relates to a loss of this nature.

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PATRICIA BOBBS Posted 3 years ago

Need additional information for "mudslide" remediation - help!!

Jeri Bates Posted 1 year ago

No air filtration device?
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