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On-site Storage Container

Category: Mitigation

Principal Author(s): Mark Whatley, Seth Harrison

Key Contributor(s): David Mattioli, Dan Smith

AI Board Approval: 06/14/2017

Last Update: 04/20/2021

Tags: Contents, On-site, On-site Storage Container, Packback, Packout, Storage Container

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This was a (Class 2 | Cat 1) water loss. The loss was created by a PEX pipe failure located in the kitchen wall. The kitchen, living room, and small dining area required packing out as the laminate flooring required complete removal prior to the dry down taking place. The mitigation contractor could not deploy her equipment until the affected areas were packed out.

The merits of off-site storage vs. on-site storage were discussed between the packout supervisor and the policyholder (e.g. temperature fluctuations, theft etc.).

Weather: This was a Southern California property, during early Fall so the daily delta in temperature would likely be within an acceptable range.  This notion was championed by the fact that the contents were not particularly high-end – there were no leather furniture items or oil paintings. This was an older single family ranch house property, so there was room to drop a 16′ container on the driveway. The location was suburban and displayed low frequency of crime/graffiti. Lastly, there was no governing HOA in place nor overbearing neighbors, so with all these boxes checked, on-site container storage was determined to be acceptable to both the policyholder and packout contractor.

Contents restoration and textile restoration reside beyond the scope of this Insight Sheet.

This Insight Sheet exists to clarify how one might invoice for an off-site storage container. This does not seek to include or make concessions for all equipment and/or activities as it relates to a loss of this nature.

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Carl Collins Posted 1 year ago

Should the total trips for drop off and pickup be 4 (2 for drop-off and 2 for pickup)? It lists in line item that it is for each way

Jordan Erold Posted 1 month ago

may i know what the name of the door type?
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