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Category: Repair

Principal Author(s): Sean Scott

Key Contributor(s): Seth Harrison, Mark Whatley, Dan Smith, Scott Black

AI Board Approval: 01/30/2019

Last Update: 02/02/2020

Tags: Attic vent, Flashing, House Wrap, Paint, Prime, Scaffolding, Seal, Siding Installer, Trim, Trim board, Z flashing

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A severe windstorm caused a tree to fall over, damaging the gable end wall siding and an adjacent wall of a single story home. The existing siding was 11 years old, but the contractor was able to find a reasonable match to replace the damaged area (approximately 40% of the entire external wall surface area). The affected elevation(s) has one exterior entry door and two 5/0x4/0 (5’ wide by 4’ high) aluminum windows. The windows were unaffected during the loss, but the associated trim was damaged and required painting to ensure reasonable uniform appearance.

This Insight Sheet exists to clarify how one might invoice for replacing siding. This does not seek to include or make concessions for all equipment and/or activities as it relates to a loss of this nature. The Insight Sheets were designed for use outside of managed repair work, however, they can still be applied with consideration to the respective network’s guidelines.

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