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This page is a collection of what Actionable Insights deems the best practice of implementing the digital assets provided by Matterport into a claims environment. We will discuss the use of Mattertags, Schematic Floor Plans, and Remote Estimating.

Incorporating Matterport in a Claims Environment

Matterport 3D imagery is extremely useful in a claims environment with the new practice of Remote Estimating. Remote estimating is provided by immersive walkthroughs that would allow for an Estimator to walk properties from the safety of a desk, while still being able to accurately calculate the amount of work or material necessary for the completion of a job.

Actionable Insights Powered KIT

Actionable Insights has worked with Matterport cameras for a long while, and we've through troves of gear. After such a long time, we've developed an arsenal of equipment that we stand by to operate our collection of Matterport cameras. We decided to share our recommended equipment loadout with the rest of the restoration community to help keep everyone well prepared for any size property.


Our Actionable Kit is comprised of the accessories you’ll need to operate your Matteport camera in the property insurance industry.


Don’t need the whole kit and just want a Matterport Pro2 Camera? Actionable Insights has you covered.


Scan Terminology

1. Risk Engineering Scan

This scan is executed prior to a loss and typically worked into the underwriting process as an extension of the initial inspections. Some small, innovative carriers will not bind coverage until they have a Matterport scan on file. Look for this risk engineering scan to become commonplace by 2021 – it will serve as an incredibly valuable asset as it relates to underwriting, policy renewals, and expedited claims settlement after a catastrophic loss.

2. Pre-Mitigation Scan

This scan is ideally executed shortly after the loss and prior to any mitigation activities being performed.

3. Post-Mitigation Scan

This scan is executed after demolition has been completed but before the mitigation equipment has been broken down. This scan is typically performed on the last day of dry out before the equipment break down.

4. Progress Scan

These scans are typically executed to keep property owners, owners agents and mortgage companies apprised of progress. They are generally done with an eye towards expediting the release of performance payments from mortgage companies etc. These scans are also being executed in large loss environments where the materially interested parties are keen to add as-built scans to their close-out documents.

5. Post-Repair Scans

These scans are occasionally executed in a restoration environment. They have a proven ability to aid in the release of payments from the mortgage companies (and this will become more commonplace in the years to come). These are also executed to champion the sales process via the Capture application. Showing policyholders a mix of pre/post-mitigation scans and post-repair scans can provide solace that they are working with a seasoned and capable restoration contractor.

Matterport Mattertag Standards

Actionable Insights has worked with Matterport to develop a standard for the use of Mattertags when working with restoration scans. Mattertags are very useful tools that can allow a user to point out, with a colorful icon, things of importance to a 3rd party viewer.

Schematic FloorPlan by Matterport

Matterport allows its users to purchase a black-and-white floor plan that can be used in Xactimate as a layout to develop your sketch, with accurate measurements of a property. This reduces your work and risk tremendously; you may now have an Estimator/Technician safely at the office measuring each corner of a property instead of walking through yourself with a tape measure.

Place your Order

The Dollhouse Button must be turned on in Workshop and the Space must be set as Public to complete the Schematic Floor Plan. Matterport will not share your link beyond what is necessary to create your Schematic Floor Plan. Open your Space in Matterport Cloud and click on SCHEMATIC FLOOR PLAN under the ADD-ONS tab. You must have EDITOR ACCESS to this Space to place your order.

Click GET. Choose imperial, metric, or both and confirm the order by clicking the PLACE ORDER button.

Matterport can only deliver floor plans for Matterport Spaces that are 25,000 square feet or less. Please contact Matterport if you have concerns about a specific space.

Matterport TruePlan™ for Xactimate

Matterport TruePlan™ is an additional deliverable that you can purchase after you’ve scanned a property and uploaded it to your Matterport Cloud account.

TruePlans are SKX files that you can easily import into Xactimate™. With these files, you no longer have to measure and manually sketch losses. This saves you valuable time so you can process insurance claims faster and more accurately.

How to order a TruePlan™ from my.matterport.com:

If the feature has been enabled on the account, anyone with Edit access to a model within the account can click on 'TruePlan for Xactimate' under the ADD-ONS tab.

If you don't see TruePlan as an option, you may have a scan in the space that is not from a Matterport Pro/Pro2 camera or the Leica BLK360. Delete scans from unsupported cameras and re-upload. If you still don't see the option, it may not yet be enabled for your account. Matterport is working on being able to support everyone with access to TruePlan soon.

You can then click on GET. Orders typically take up to 48 hours to be delivered. CAT events can affect service levels and processing times. You will receive an email when it is ready. You'll be able access the file from the DOWNLOADS tab.

3D Property Scanning: Case Study & Results

ATI Restoration has crunched the numbers and released a case study, “3D Property Scanning: Case Study & Results,” showing how much quicker and more efficiently you can settle a claim using Matterport’s technology. 

“With 3D Scanning using Matterport’s TruePlan service, a hard cost savings of (or around) $123,191.41 ($110,000.70 + $13,190.71) per individual and a soft cost savings of 163 days of sketching time can be achieved.”

You can read more here: 3D Property Scanning: Case Study & Results

Matterport Supported Cameras (Pro2 vs 360)

Ready to test the waters? 360 cameras are the most affordable way to start capturing the world around you or you can leverage the full power of The Matterport Cloud 3.0 with the patented Matterport Pro2 Camera.

Matterport iOS Supported Devices

The iPhone or iPad is how you connect to the camera and control the scanning process. Generally we recommend you use the best iPhone or iPad you have available (i.e most powerful and most free space).
Not sure which one you have? Find the model number of your device, then identify your identify your iPhone model or identify your iPad model.

Recommended Minimum Not Supported 
  • iPhone (6S or newer)
  • iPad Pro* (1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad Air (2nd generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad Air** (1st generation)
  • iPad mini Retina 2, 3, 4** (NOT the original iPad Mini)
  • iPad mini 1
  • iPad 4 or earlier models

Using an unsupported iPad can cause the Capture app to crash.

Matterport Capture on Android

Matterport has officially released the Capture app on Google Play. With this app now generally available, anyone can Matterport their space using a Pro2 or their favorite 360 camera. Read the full article here to learn more about the requirements needed to run Capture on Android.

Matterport Ninjas Facebook Page

Actionable Insights prides itself with providing knowledge to anyone willing to inquire. Therefore, with Matterports support, we created a Facebook page to provide support, inspiration, and general tips for our fellow Matterport users. Members are strongly encouraged to give more than they take, but we don't mind helping new users getting started!

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Matter Hacks YouTube Series

Matterport’s technology is rapidly changing the way property insurance claims are settled. Click below to join Actionable Insights as we explore the impact of incorporating 3D technology into the claims settlement process.