Price List Commentary & New Line Items – March 2019

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Price List Commentary

March is not a groundbreaking month for the Xactimate price list. There are a few new obscure additions, which are always fun, but no major changes were made. That said, we enjoyed reviewing the additional item info adjustments associated with DRYPATCHJ. It has been said that DRYPATCHJ is the most significant addition to the price list in 2018. It has the ability to impact nearly every repair loss that incorporates drywall. This is especially true as it relates to a Class 3 water loss where water impacted the upper walls and ceilings. They have decided to update only the additional item info for the “+” activity. This is likely an outcome of the questions that have recently emerged regarding this line item e.g., When is this line item warranted? What is the intent of this addition? etc.

In more generalities, we recently had our calibration meeting with the pricing department in Salt Lake City, Utah. They expressed their continued interest in receiving more credible and supported feedback, via that Top-Down channel via email ( They did renew their comment to providing timely feedback to those that initiate independent verification and response. More information regarding triggering independent verification and response can be found here.

An Independent Verification and Response request and feedback from the pricing department might look something like this:

“@Pricing Dept: We would like to initiate independent verification and response as it relates to labor and material pricing associated with lower/upper/full-height kitchen cabinets in grades ranging from standard-to-high. In an effort to aid in your data collection efforts, we have attached fee schedules from three cabinetry subcontractors located in the area in question, Bozeman Montana. In addition to the aforementioned fee schedules, we have also included an excerpt from NAHB National Association of Home Builders that will highlight the outsized construction activity in the area and help explain the outsized strain this is placing on the trades. The NAHB report also champions that It is reasonable to expect that this trend is longstanding and poised to continue for the foreseeable future.

“@Contractor: We have thoughtfully evaluated your independent verification and response request in regard to the claimed insufficient cabinetry labor rates in the Bozeman Montana region. Thank you for providing the contact information and fee schedules from the 3 local providers. We inquired with the three subcontractors you sent over, in addition, we also inquired with 3 other cabinetry supply houses in your area. After reconciling the fee structures from these 6 sources, we observed a pattern that championed your position that the overarching labor and materials cabinetry rates are currently insufficient. As a response to these new data points, we are committed to making warranted adjustments to cabinetry pricing in Bozeman Montana over the next quarter.”

In summary analysis, if you want your request for independent verification and response to yield compelling results, then do your best to ensure your submission are well thought out and it is supported by quantitative data, reports and fee scheduels.

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Price List Update Summary

Price lists for Xactimate version 27 will no longer be published after April 2019.

New items added for the March 2019 price lists

  1. FEEENGEV        Structural engineer residential evaluation fee
  2. PNTVAL            Paint valance – one coat
  3. PNTVAL1SP      Seal and paint valance – two coats
  4. PNTVALS          Stain and finish valance
  5. PNTVALS1        Finish valance – 1 coat urethane

Price list items modified for the March 2019 price lists

  1. DRYPATCHJ      Modified Included field of (+) definition to clarify item includes assumptions for the additional material and labor required when drywall is being replaced against existing drywall.
  2. HMRASBEN      Modified Quality field of (+) definition to indicate an application of up to 40 to 50 mils (dry thickness of 20 to 25 mils) based on manufacturers’ and environmental agencies’ recommendations, and that factors such as material and application thickness can affect the cost.
  3. PLMTLT+          Modified Quality field of (+) definition to clarify item is for a high-grade toilet that may or may not have an elongated bowl.

Equipment components added for the March 2019 price lists

  1. FEEENGEV       Residential structural engineered assessment fee

Green items added for the March 2019 price lists

  1. PNTVAL           Paint valance – one coat
  2. PNTVAL1SP    Seal and paint valance – two coats
  3. PNTVALS        Stain and finish valance
  4. PNTVALS1      Finish valance – 1 coat urethane

Future changes and additions to look for in upcoming price list publications

  1. Item(s) for additional types of ornamental iron gates.
  2. Item(s) for muck-out/flood loss cleanup in confined spaces.