Xact Hacks | Create A New Line Item

In this episode of Xact Hacks, Seth shows you how to create a new line item for a custom price list.

WRITTEN EXPLANATION: Under the Pricing tab of Xactimate 28, double click the custom price list you want to add a new line item to. Note – this cannot be an Xactware (Read Only) price list, you have to have duplicated one of those and created your own custom price list. Go to the Items + button at the bottom of the list and click it to drop down. Now right click the category code you want to add an item to, and click Attach Item. Choose the category code and enter the selector code you want to use for your new line item. Add a description of the line item. Go to Replace (+) or a different tab of your choice, enter what is Included/Excluded/any applicable Notes for your new line item. Then, above that Definition tab, click the Add button. In our case, we chose RLB (labor). Choose the Component Code for the labor trade that matches what would be performing the action in your line item. Then, choose the Supporting Events labor trade that would match the restoration environment you would be performing this line item in. Be sure to update your Direct Yield so that it matches how many activities of your line item could be done in an hour without any complications or obstacles. You can choose to complete other sections for EQU and MAT on top of the RLB, which will be important if you choose to do a (M) only activity code.