Zone of Reasonable Agreement

Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen once you submit an estimate to the other party in the claims settlement process? It sure would be nice to know how likely you are to settle the claim with that estimate prior to submission.

Allow us to introduce you to ZORA, Actionable Insights’ estimate audit engine. With the help of data amassed through years of training augmented by the perspective of working with all sides of the claim, Actionable Insights has developed and opened up our ZORA Audit Engine to a select few that are familiar with its requirements.

Upload your Matterport and Xactimate data to ZORA to evaluate your format compliance, aggressiveness, sketch accuracy and overarching ability to have your sheet approved without hesitation.

Please click here to review an example.


Are you confident that every estimate leaving your office is as tight and justified as you want it to be? When was the last time your company’s estimates were reviewed by a fresh set of analytical eyes?

It’s time for you to meet Solidifai, Actionable Insights’ estimate edit engine. As a natural evolution to our ZORA tool, Solidifai takes auditing to the next level and actually edits your estimate to ensure all warranted line items were captured, thoughtfully justified, and organized in a clear, linear fashion.

Upload your Matterport and Xactimate data to Solidifai to have your sheet scrubbed for overages, excesses and omissions. As Solidifai is designed to be an educational evaluation tool, please note that Solidifai is not to be used on live claims that are ongoing.

Please click here to review an example.