The Power Of Speaking With One Voice

This is where we collect data in regard to what Price List additions and/or amendments our user base would like to see considered for eventual adoption by the Pricing Department. We aggregate and organize your submissions – this provides an opportunity to take a data-driven approach as we prioritize our conversations with Pricing Department stakeholders.

That said, we don’t typically tackle the pricing aspect associated with established line items. Let’s be completely unambiguous about this, these Price Lists are accurate. The mathematics and transparent methodologies applied are entirely beyond criticism. Greg Pyne and his team have worked tirelessly for decades to create price lists comprised of ~19.5k line items. Great care has been taken with their composition. This body of work has provided the foundation by which contractors and adjusters have successfully negotiated claims for 20+ years. As such, we don’t seek to inject ourselves in that aspect of that conversation – Moreover, we don’t think that aspect of claims settlement is broken.

In other words, the price structure associated with individual line items is not the aspect that typically encumbers the claims settlement process. In our experience, it is wildly more common for adjusters and contractors to arrive at an impasse when they can’t agree on line items that actually apply to the loss at hand. Both parties want a fair price for the required work done right. Be that the case, we think the Insight Sheet© Database is well positioned to provide value for all materially interested parties.

If you have specific pricing related feedback, we encourage you to submit feedback to the Pricing Depart directly at

As we transcend the pricing aspect, most Xactimate users have a couple line items they would like to see added to the future price list. This is your outlet folks, this is where we come together and target various underrepresented aspects of the Price List.

Once you submit your recommendation, the Actionable Insights team will review your submission, and if it is determined to be a credible and warranted addition, it will be incorporated into the on-going Line Item Request Manifest and compared against previous submissions.

This is the manifest that serves as the living document whereby Actionable Insights can track progress in our attempt to serve and preserve the interest of our user base. In an effort to keep our limited resources laser focused, we target only a limited number of potential additions to the Price List at any given time.

If you feel your suggestion(s) fall within the confines of our objectives outlined above and are not at odds with our code-of-ethics then please click the button below.