Private Training

It doesn’t cost. It pays!



Actionable Insights is Matterport’s premier training and support partner serving the property insurance ecosystem. We conduct our personalized training on-site at your location, combining both the hands-on best practices of using Matterport’s 3D cameras in the field with the back-end account optimization. This exhaustive walkthrough of all things Matterport ensures your informational architecture and organizational development are poised for outperformance when adopting and implementing this game changing technology.

Matterport is not hard to use, but getting the most out of this platform requires some hard-hitting training. We have developed tools and techniques that will help your team leverage Matterport in all aspects of business development, sales, risk management, reduced contents breakage, and client retention.



If your crews are still climbing on roofs, you’re doing it wrong.

If your estimators/adjusters are still manually sketching roofs, you’re doing it wrong.

If your team isn’t leveraging Image-to-Scope, you’re doing it wrong.

Roofing and exterior claims are easier to settle than ever before with Geomni’s new technology and product offerings. Step into the 21st century and ensure your team is making money and mitigating risk simultaneously. Technology is not going away anytime soon – it’s time to engage with what will become the set standard for how claims are settled.



Like it or not, Xactimate is at the core of nearly all activities within the property insurance ecosystem. You have many training options when it comes to Xactimate, but there is only one Actionable Insights! Our focus on estimating theory, mastering the price list, and writing well thought-out, justified estimates that are poised for approval without hesitation is different, and we are proud of the impact our curriculum has on those that embrace it.

Our two-day private training engagements are always lead by Xactimate Certified Trainers that are well equipped to make the formerly elusive connections between Matterport’s/Geomni’s 3D assets and Xactimate.

HOW: Prior to our engagement, we provide temporary access to our estimate audit engine, ZORA, and our estimate edit engine, Solidifai. Subsequently, your team will run one of your claims through these engines. Our team will then reflect on the returned values of the analysis and prepare a custom presentation that explores areas of improvement while on-site.


Stakeholders keep searching for "Write & Run" individuals

Those that are capable of outperformance in the following three capacities:

The problem is – if someone in your region is that good at all three, they’re probably already your competitor!
Instead of wasting your time in search of an elusive “Write & Run" Neapolitan ice cream individual, break these primary skills (sales, project management, estimating) into three separate specialized roles.
Actionable Insights is well equipped to provide guidance on organizational redevelopment as our industry moves swiftly towards these new decentralized roles.
And you’re in luck! Our curriculum is equally effective and applicable to contractors and carriers alike. It doesn’t matter if you are an independent general contractor or a Top 25 major carrier – Actionable Insights is poised to positive impact your bottom-line.

Or don’t, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when you’re left behind.